Save-The-Date: Dec. 1 & 2 for my annual Jewelry Sale
Friday 9am to 5pm, Saturday 9am to 4pm
Scarabocchio Art Museum, downtown Stevens Point

Artist Statement

I have always looked for the creative path. I remember as a young girl carving my initials into my parents headboard (no applause for that one), being kidded for mixing odd spices, infusing new life into organizations with entrepreneurial left turns, and sometimes just thinking on a different plane. I have manipulated words, paints, plants, fiber, glass, beads, and metal. This “art in my heart” keeps tickling me at odd times to mix the ordinary with the odd.

I am grateful for this urge to create.
I am grateful that there are people who share my love of these things that spring out of me.

Please look around, I have many pieces ready to purchase. Commissions welcome.

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